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When you choose our company for professional air conditioning cleaning, you can expect a series of detailed and thorough service processes:


1. we will carefully examine your air-conditioning equipment to determine if it is suitable for professional cleaning


2. Before starting the air-conditioning wash, we will carefully deploy waterproof protection measures to ensure that your space is completely free from contamination.


3. Our technicians will carefully remove the air-conditioner's casing and filter and clean it professionally.


4. We will evenly spray the cleaning solution specially designed for washing air-conditioners to ensure a deep clean.


5. In order to achieve the effect of deep cleaning of the air-conditioner, we will use high pressure water jets, from the evaporator to the vents, every corner will be thoroughly cleaned.


6. After the air-conditioning cleaning process is complete, we dry all the parts and carefully assemble your air-conditioner to ensure that it is clean and undamaged.


7. At the end of the air-conditioning cleaning service, we will be responsible for cleaning up the workplace to keep your space clean and tidy.


8. Finally, we will reconnect the power supply and conduct an air-conditioning test to ensure that your air-conditioning equipment operates properly and achieves optimal performance.

Air-conditioning Q&A and Knowledge

Air-conditioning Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose our air-conditioning cleaning service? Features and Benefits of Lee Yuen Hong Air-conditioning Cleaning Service

Lee Yuen Hong's air-conditioning cleaning service includes over 12 perfect standards, using a 6-layer deep-dissolving cleaning method that effectively eliminates bacteria and mites, improves air-conditioning performance and reduces power consumption. We use environmentally friendly Japanese air-conditioner cleaning solution and offer up to 3 months free warranty with professional customer service team to follow up with you at any time. Our service experience and air-conditioning cleaning results have received unanimous 5-star ratings from over 1,000 users!

How do I book our air conditioning cleaning service?

You can book a professional air-conditioning technician anytime via WhatsApp. They will also contact you the day before the air-conditioning service to confirm the service time.

What makes Lee & Yuen Hong's air-conditioning service different from other companies?

Air-conditioning cleaning services from Lee Yuen Hong are provided by a team of experienced professionals at fair and transparent prices with no hidden charges. Every step of the cleaning process is carried out according to strict instructions to ensure the best results and service experience. If you have any questions after using our services, we offer up to three months free warranty and seven days customer service follow-up. We also have a solid warranty that we will pay for any damage caused by washing. If you need to make an appointment to have more than 6 air conditioners cleaned, you can call us directly at 92916338 to get more discounts and free in-home estimates.

Do I need to provide cleaning tools and supplies for my air conditioner cleaner? (e.g., air conditioning cleaning spray)

There is absolutely no need for you to provide any cleaning tools or supplies for your air conditioner cleaner. Each of our professional air-conditioner cleaners will bring their own professional air-conditioner cleaning agents and tools to ensure a quality cleaning service for each and every one of your air-conditioners.

What should I do if a professional technician from Lee & Yuen Hong finds something abnormal after checking my air-conditioner?

We will charge an inspection fee of $150 if our technicians come to your home and find that the air conditioner cannot be cleaned for a variety of reasons, including deteriorated parts, installation blocked by furniture, non-conforming installations, and so on. When cleaning window air conditioners, we will clean them directly on site, so please make sure there is enough space for us to work.

Can I request a technician from Lee & Yuen to come to my home at a specific time to clean my air conditioner?

After you have selected your desired service date, we will schedule a professional air conditioning cleaner for you. Our technicians will contact you at least one day before the service to confirm the time of the visit. If you have a specific schedule or an urgent need for service, please call us directly at 92916338 and we will do our best to arrange it for you.

What do I need to do before my air conditioning cleaning service?

Before our air conditioning cleaners arrive, please make sure the space underneath the air conditioner is cleared so our technicians can disassemble and clean it. If your air conditioner is a split unit, we will clean it at the location of the air conditioner, but we also ask that you empty the area around the air conditioner first to prevent it from being splashed with sewage.

Does split air conditioner cleaning service include cleaning the outdoor unit?

For occupational safety reasons, our cleaning service only covers the indoor unit portion of split air conditioners. If you need to have your outdoor unit cleaned, please let us know in advance and be aware that this may incur additional costs, including the cost of scaffolding and cleaning the outdoor unit.

Is there any extra charge for maintenance service after air-conditioner cleaning?

Yes, air conditioner maintenance service after cleaning is extra charge and is not included in the cost of air conditioner cleaning service. Air-conditioner maintenance service includes parts inspection, filter replacement, etc. The specific cost will vary depending on the model of the air-conditioner and the maintenance items required. Before the maintenance service, our technicians will provide a detailed quotation to let you know all the possible costs.

Does cleaning the air conditioner affect its life?

On the contrary, regular cleaning of your air conditioner can actually prolong its life. When too much dust accumulates inside an air-conditioner, it will operate less efficiently and may cause the unit to overheat, further affecting the life of the air-conditioner. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your air conditioner will ensure that its internal components are running in optimal condition and reduce wear and tear on the components, thus extending the life of your air conditioner.

Air-conditioning Q&A

During the hot summer days, air conditioners become our savior, providing us with a cooler living environment. However, have you ever been concerned that your air conditioner needs regular cleaning and maintenance? Let's explore some common problems of air conditioner cleaning.

Q: Why do I need to have my air conditioner cleaned? Even if there is no problem with the air-conditioning, is it still necessary to clean it?

A: In Hong Kong's humid climate, even if the air-conditioning function and components are functioning properly, air-conditioners are still prone to dust accumulation, mold and bacteria. Although many households clean the dust filter regularly, cleaning the filter alone cannot completely remove the deep-rooted dirt inside the air-conditioner. The professional air-conditioner cleaning team at Lee & Yuen Hong can do a deep cleaning for you, which not only makes your air-conditioner look new and removes the mold and mildew odor, but also reduces the accumulation of bacteria and dust, as well as reduces the cooling burden of your air-conditioner. In the long run, this can effectively maintain the air-conditioner and slow down the aging of the machine, which is the concept of "Save and Utilize Effectively"!

Q: How should I choose the right company for my air conditioning cleaning service?

Answer:Lee Yuen Hong is a quality air-conditioner cleaning company in Hong Kong, providing you with the most professional air-conditioner cleaning service. Each of our air-conditioner cleaning technicians has professional air-conditioning cleaning knowledge, rich experience in service, but also equipped with special equipment and tools for air-conditioner cleaning, de-molding and disinfection, maintenance and other equipment (such as professional air-conditioning cleaning tools and detergents). Whether you need office air-conditioning cleaning, or need to store small air-conditioners, central air-conditioning cleaning; and even general household air-conditioning cleaning, Lee Yuen Hong can help you, for you to solve the air-conditioning mold odor, clogged drainpipes, water dripping air-conditioners, air-conditioners ice and other problems, and regular air-conditioning cleaning and maintenance.

Lee Yuen Hong's air-conditioning cleaning services cover the whole of Hong Kong, whether you are in Tin Shui Wai, Tuen Mun, Tsuen Wan, Yuen Long, Tai Po, Tung Chung, Sha Tin or Kwun Tong, our air-conditioning cleaning team can provide you with services in all districts of Hong Kong.

Q: Is the air-conditioning cleaning service of Lee Yuen Hong good?

A: Our air conditioner cleaning service has received a 5-star rating from 99%.
The master air conditioner cleaners at Lee & Yuen Hong are proficient in cleaning all types of air conditioners, including window units, split units, and more.

Advantages of Lee Yuen Hong's services include: ✅ Strict adherence to anti-fouling and waterproofing measures during the cleaning process ✅ Transparent prices for air-conditioner cleaning services, with no extra hidden costs ✅ Provide up to 3 months' free air-conditioner cleaning and maintenance ✅ 24/7 professional customer service to answer all your questions at any time.

By choosing Liyuan Hong, you will not only receive professional and comprehensive air-conditioning cleaning services, but also enjoy our professional customer service, which will keep your air-conditioner in the best condition and provide a comfortable and healthy living environment for you and your family.

Q: What is the price of air-conditioning cleaning service in Lee Yuen Hong? Is there any extra charge?

A: The cost of air-conditioning cleaning service by Lee Yuen Hong may vary depending on the model of air-conditioner (e.g. window type or split type air-conditioner), the horsepower of the air-conditioner and the scale of the project. When enquiring for air-conditioning cleaning service from Lee Yuen Hong, you should confirm the model of air-conditioner (split air-conditioner or window air-conditioner) as well as the content of the service, including odor removal, disinfection service and post-cleaning treatment, etc. Lee Yuen Hong will provide you with detailed information about the service. We will provide you with a detailed price for the air-conditioning cleaning package.

Air Conditioning Price List:

Air Conditioner
Cleaning Price Range (HKD)
Separate air-conditioner (indoor)
Window Type Air Conditioner
450 yuan to 600 yuan
Hidden ceiling split type air-conditioner
900 yuan to 1100 yuan
Harmonica Air Conditioner
900 yuan to 1100 yuan
Central Air Conditioner / Duct Blower / Other Air Conditioner Models
1,100 yuan to 1,400 yuan

Below are some of the situations where additional charges may apply:

  1. If scaffolding is required for the air-conditioning cleansing works, additional works cost will be incurred.
  2. If you live in a tenement building, Lee & Yuen may charge an additional fee for climbing the stairs. Therefore, you should provide an accurate address when making a quote in order to get the most accurate quote.
  3. If the air conditioner is found to be in need of urgent repairs during the air conditioning cleaning project, the cleaning effect may be affected and the technicians of Lee & Yuen Hong will remind you of the need to repair the air conditioner. If the air-conditioner needs immediate repair, there may be additional air-conditioner repair cost.
  4. There will be additional costs if the false ceiling needs to be removed and reinstalled.

Q: What is the difference between DIY air-conditioner cleaning and on-site air-conditioner cleaning by Lai Yuen Hong? What are the steps recommended by experts for air-conditioning?

A: If you choose to DIY clean your air conditioner, you can refer to the following steps:

Turn off the power first, and use a grease brush or rag to remove the dust on the air-conditioner casing and air outlet blades.
Carry out protection measures against water dripping from air-conditioners.
Remove the air conditioner housing according to the instructions and clean the air conditioner dust filter and housing.
Spray the air conditioning cleaner evenly on the evaporator and wait for about 10 minutes for the cleaner to dissolve itself.
Use a spray bottle to rinse the vaporizer, and the rinsed water will drain out through the drain hole of the air conditioner.
Wait for the air conditioner parts to dry naturally, then reinstall the air conditioner dust filter and housing in the same order as they were removed.
However, different models of air conditioners may require different cleaning methods and specialized cleaning agents. Generally, commercially available air-conditioner cleaning fluids may cause damage to the materials of some air-conditioners. In addition, if the sensitive parts of the air-conditioner are accidentally touched during the cleaning process, it may cause damage. Therefore, experts recommend that air conditioner cleaning be performed by professionals.

Professional air conditioning cleaning services at Lee & Yuen Hong include the following steps:

  1. First, a technician from LYH will turn off the power and check the exterior of the air conditioner to make sure it is working properly.
  2. They will then dismantle the air-conditioner and clean the air-conditioning filter.
  3. Next, they will clean the evaporator and condenser of the air-conditioner using a specialized cleaning agent and a high-pressure washer.
  4. After cleaning, they will use compressed air to blow-dry the parts of the air-conditioner and reassemble the air-conditioner.
  5. Finally, they will conduct an operational test on the air-conditioners to ensure that they can function properly.

Compared with DIY cleaning, Lee Yuen Hong's professional cleaning service can clean the inside of the air-conditioner more deeply, and their technicians have rich experience and knowledge of various models and brands of air-conditioners, which ensures that no damage will be caused to the air-conditioner during the cleaning process.

Q: What is the scope of air-conditioning cleaning service of Lee Yuen Hong?


The scope of air conditioning cleaning services in Lee Yuen Hong includes, but is not limited to:

Residential: including apartments, detached houses, duplexes, villas, etc.
Office: Includes corporate offices, government offices, schools, etc.
Commercial premises: including shopping malls, retail stores, restaurants, shopping centers, gyms, etc.
Public places: including hospitals, schools, airports, train stations, bus stops, etc.
The technicians of Lee Yuen Hong are trained to provide professional air-conditioning cleaning services for all kinds of establishments. During the service process, they will observe safety regulations and respect your private space.

Q: How often should I clean my air conditioner?

A: Generally, it is recommended that your air conditioner be cleaned once a year, but this frequency may need to be adjusted depending on how often the air conditioner is used and the environment in which it is used. For example, if your air conditioner operates in a smoky area, or if the air conditioner operates every day, then it may need to be cleaned every six months. If you are not sure when it is time to have your air conditioner cleaned, you can observe whether the air conditioner is functioning properly, such as whether there is an odor, whether the air conditioner is cold enough, and whether there are any unusual noises.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Air Conditioner: Five Benefits at a Time!

1. Thoroughly clean the dust inside the air-conditioner to improve indoor air quality.

In addition to dust and dirt in the air, air conditioners also absorb other pollutants in the air, such as soot, pollen, animal hair, etc. These pollutants build up on the filter screen and block the flow of air. These pollutants will accumulate on the filter of the air conditioner, blocking the flow of air. If the filter is not cleaned or replaced in time, these pollutants will enter the indoor space along with the air blown out from the air-conditioner, reducing the air quality. This can cause discomfort or inflammation for people with sensitive skin or eyes. Regular cleaning of the air-conditioner can thoroughly remove these pollutants, keep the filter clean and improve indoor air quality.

2. Elimination of air-conditioning mycoviruses and significant reduction of allergens

Air conditioners produce a large amount of moisture during the cooling process. If this moisture is not discharged or dried in a timely manner, it will be trapped inside the air conditioner, creating a humid environment. This environment is ideal for the growth and reproduction of microorganisms such as fungi, mold and bacteria. These microorganisms not only emit unpleasant odors, but also enter the indoor space with the air blown from the air conditioner, posing a threat to the human body. Especially for people with allergic rhinitis, asthma or other respiratory illnesses, these microorganisms may trigger or aggravate their symptoms. Regular cleaning of air conditioners can eliminate these harmful microorganisms, reduce the presence of allergens and improve indoor air quality.

3. air-conditioning can save electricity and enhance energy efficiency

Air conditioners are one of the largest consumers of electricity in the home, especially during the summer months when they can account for more than half of the total electricity consumption. The electricity consumption of an air-conditioner is directly related to its power consumption, which in turn is related to its operational efficiency. If the cooling and thermostat functions of your air conditioner are affected by dust buildup, it will require more power to reach the preset temperature. This will not only increase your electricity bill, but will also result in energy wastage. Regularly cleaning your air conditioner will improve its operating efficiency, reduce its power consumption, save you money on your electricity bill and benefit the environment at the same time.

4. Washing the air-conditioner can improve the efficiency of the air-conditioner

During the operation of the air-conditioner, it will continue to inhale air, and at the same time, it will also absorb dust and dirt in the air. These impurities will be attached to the various components of the air conditioner, such as fan blades, filters, fan coils and heat sinks. If these parts are not cleaned in time, the cooling and temperature regulation of the air-conditioner will be affected, resulting in a decrease in efficiency, an increase in power consumption, or even malfunction or damage. Regular cleaning of the air-conditioner can remove the accumulated dirt, keep the air-conditioner in good running condition and prolong its service life.

5. Washing air-conditioners can reduce the frequency of maintenance or replacement of air-conditioners and save additional expenses.

An air conditioner that runs dirty for a long period of time not only affects its efficiency and lifespan, but also increases the risk of malfunction or damage. Once your air conditioner breaks down or is damaged, you will need to spend time and money to repair or replace it. And, if your outdoor air conditioner is installed in a high or hard-to-reach area, you may also need to pay for additional labor and safety costs. Regularly cleaning your air conditioner can prevent these problems from occurring and reduce your repair or replacement frequency and expenses.

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Lee Yuen Hong Plumbing & Electrical Engineering is a professional air-conditioning engineering company. We have a team of experienced, skilled and courteous staff to provide quality air-conditioning cleaning, installation, repair and maintenance services to a wide range of clients. Our clients include residential, commercial, industrial and public organizations throughout Hong Kong.

Our vision is to be the most trusted air-conditioning engineering company in Hong Kong, providing customers with comfortable, energy-saving and environmentally friendly air-conditioning solutions. Our mission is to fulfill our customers' needs and expectations through professional technology, products and services, and to build long-term relationships. Our values are Integrity, Responsibility, Innovation and Excellence, and we follow these principles in all we do. Our social responsibility is to care for and give back to the society and the environment, and we realize this goal by participating in various public welfare activities and promoting energy saving and emission reduction measures.

We provide comprehensive air-conditioning services, including on-site visit, quotation, installation appointment, installation works, testing the function of the air-conditioner, cleaning up the scene, regular maintenance, emergency repairs, etc. Our charges are reasonable and transparent, with no hidden costs or surcharges, and we provide a "bad" and "bad maintenance package" of the strength of the guarantee, if our air-conditioning installation or maintenance and lead to the emergence of the customer's air-conditioner problems, we will be responsible for compensation and repairs. If any problem occurs in the air-conditioner due to our air-conditioner installation or repair, we will be responsible for the compensation and repair.


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